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Skunk Talk
Albert Garcia

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ISBN 0-9719607-7-1

$14.00 (Free Shipping)

Cover art by Teresa Steinbach-Garcia

Without fanfare, in the subtlest way, the poems of Albert Garcia teach us the essentials of how to live richly with exactly what we have. By attending to ordinary life with extraordinary sensitivity, they tap the mystery that lies like an aquifer below the surface of things, quietly informing everything we do. We come away refreshed, feeling wiser and more compassionate, our senses sharpened.

"Albert Garcia has a considerable gift for noticing and writing about what he calls our days of ordinary wonders. His images are precise and beautiful. These poems are near to the heart of things — there is love, complexity, sadness and celebration. I am thankful for this bright and honest book." —Gary Short



In this California valley, ice on a puddle
is a novelty for children
who stand awkward in their jackets
waiting for the school bus.
They lift off thin slabs
to hold up in the early light
like pieces of stained glass.
They run around,
throw them at each other,
lick them, laughing as their pink tongues stick
to the cold, their breath fogging
the morning gray.
            Between the Sierras
in the distance and a faint film
of clouds, the sun rises
red like the gills of a salmon.
From your porch, watching the kids,
you love this morning more
than any you remember. You hear
the bus rumbling down the road
like the future, hear the squealing
voices, feel your own blood warm
in your body as the kids sing
like winter herons, Ice, ice, ice

© 2005 by Albert Garcia
Skunk Talk